Why Small Businesses should embrace digital marketing

For any business large or small, having an online presence is essential

There can be limitless business opportunities, by taking advantage of the very latest digital marketing techniques. The internet is a huge part of our daily lives. People demand access to information instantly. Internet users want to know what a business can offer, how to contact them and where to find them. If they are unable to find this information they will simply look elsewhere. 

A website can showcase your business. It will provide 24/7 access; even if your business is closed for the day. A business website can boost productivity and increase opportunity by identifying more customers, more leads and will ultimately build trust. It allows further access to social media platforms and can set you apart from your competitors. 

Introducing your business to the benefits of online marketing can be extremely confusing and daunting. There can be a lot to consider, especially for business owners who may be less tech-savvy. Taking a business online can cause many pain points. Business owners are often presented with many misconceptions about the digital world.

Navigate through the pain points of digital marketing

Here at scarabé studio, we are experts when it comes to positioning your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds. We will get to understand your business and build an online experience for your clients. We have created a shortlist of some of the most common pain points and solutions small business owners experience;

  1. 1. Not enough time:
    Running a small business can be very time consuming, especially when it is a passion. Lots of time is dedicated and business owners can be forgiven for putting digital marketing at the back of the queue. Digital marketing, including social media, should not be seen as a chore or burden, but instead an opportunity to help your business flourish. scarabé studio can help you and your business and its online strategy. Many online platforms can assist businesses; post regular informative blogs to a website, send engaging social media updates at peak times and add positive customer feedback to your business listings.
  2. 2. Upscaling Websites:
    Any viable business needs a plan. It is essential to identify what the customers’ needs are, how to grow, build relationships and find opportunity. Digital marketing also requires a strategy and nothing more archives this than a business website. A website can be the heart and soul of any business. A website should also be able to grow and adapt to the business. A successful website needs to be engaging as soon as the user lands on it. Images need to be relevant and the written word should be interesting and easy to read. It is estimated that a website has 15 seconds to grab users attention before they will leave.
  3. 3. Audience engagement:
    Every website, social media post, email campaign and search engine advertisement should be done with a purpose. They should all carry the same message, promoting a professional business that keeps customers engaged. It can take just one share of a cleverly thought out Social Media post to gain new followers. An intriguing and informative blog post can be shared across the internet that attracts new customers. We can guide you through the many varied marketing campaigns available to your business. We believe a holistic approach to digital marketing will see the best results.

scarabé studio Digital Marketing Case study – Joe Brown Fitness Coaching

We recently helped London based business owner Joe Brown transform his online presence. Joe has a sports fitness and therapy business. He understood that digital marketing would help his business and he asked us to redesign his website.  

We explained how cleverly optimised content would help his website reach potential customers and suggested how social media could play a huge part in his success. After building his new website, we asked Joe his feelings and thoughts about the process and he was happy to answer a few questions that you may relate to as a small business owner.

Website design in iPad screens

Q: What is the biggest marketing pain point for your business?

A: Finding the time and knowing which method to use to gain the best results. Also knowing which content works best for SEO. 

Q: Tell us about your journey with having a website done for your business?

A: I used scarabé studio who have helped me refresh and upgrade my website. They have done an amazing job at making my page exactly how I asked; the studio have been brilliant; keeping me up to date with what was going on, asked for feedback on anything where needed and delivered great results. 

The studio also reacted swiftly to the COVID-19 situation by including a page for my Online Training service, now that physical training has stopped. The content was created very quickly and we were able to get the page up in a day. I am now looking forward to seeing how this falls into place with actual live client leads.

Q: What were you looking for in a digital marketing supplier?

A: scarabé studio proved to be a supplier that can take the pain away of managing things such as purchasing hosting and advising on SEO etc.  They were able to advise and implement digital marketing opportunities, which is ideal because I am too busy thinking about running my business. 

Q: Engagement being the biggest buzzword in marketing, how do you feel about it as a small business. Do you feel that you are keeping up?

A: This is a huge thing for me and I feel really needs to be the focus for gaining new customers and retaining current clients. My main driver for this is the value and attraction it gives to every customer that uses my business. 

The main stopper is the time it takes to develop content that looks professional and works. A perfect plan would be to have effective content every other day posted out to my target audience. Although time is the major impacting variable to this as I am currently seeing 8-10 hour sessions per day.


Digital marketing can seem like a confusing and time-consuming part of running a small business. There are many different options, processes and strategies, that can be implemented, to bring more enquiries and customers from various online sources.

scarabé studio can take care of all of your online digital marketing requirements, through well thought out planning; helping you and your business achieve more.