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Globally recognised brands looking to sharpen and refresh their identity.

Small, entrepreneurial brands eager to carve out a unique space in the market. We love brands of all shapes and sizes.We work with them to understand their ambitions and their challenges. We take the story of each brand and give it life using the language of design.

our approach

Above all, great design demands empathy. We like to work closely with our clients, learning to see the world from their point of view. During projects, we are often treated as an extension the internal team, connecting seamlessly to fill in the gaps.

To support our clients, we offer a full suite of design services covering printed media and digital design.

we can help with…

branding & identity

Market research. Competitive reviews. Consumer profiling. Before we settle upon the visual expression of a brand, we dig deep. We slice to the bone to isolate those traits that make every brand unique. We then use those qualities as the starting point for a distinctive visual identity.

print design

In a world where digital experiences are an increasingly popular substitute for reality, the use of traditional media can have greater impact. From flyers to brochures, we can help you put beautiful design into the hands of your customers.

UX & web design

A great website is always more than an online shop window. It channels and extends your brand into an experience. When approached and designed with intelligence and understanding, it can become a powerful marketing tool, fostering loyalty and lasting connections between consumer and brand.

Our approach to web design always starts with an audit to understand your market and your customers. We then put together a team of developers to build the perfect UX and website for your needs.

Prototyping software tools like InVision lets our clients become part of the process from concept to launch, helping them see the impact of their design choices on a working site throughout the process.

social media

Without the right strategy, social media is a battleground upon which brands can fade without trace. We’ll help your brand find expression and a voice on the right channels to connect with an audience of the right people.

don't just take our work for it…

“We are over the moon with our new identity. It gives our products great gravitas. Scarabé has proven the perfect partner in this exciting journey.”

Aurore Ghiringhelli, Iris & Opale founder

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let us get to know you!

Listening is the most important design skill. Our success is built on understanding our clients, and seeing the world from their brand’s point of view.